(2) « Life is not just breathing is to be short of breath! »

With his 4 millions inhabitants, most big cities of Australia keep a seaside and relaxed charm.

In Sydney I saw the Port Jackson, the Syndey Tower, the Darling Habour, the Queen Victoria Bulding, the Hyde Park ans the Taronga Zoo. Sydney is a very attractive city.

There are 3 districts very different ; the business district like in Paris (« la défense ») or New York, the historic center with typical small streets and shops, and the seafront.

I’ve been surfing in Bondi Beach. I was really lamentable face to Autralians. I hope Hugh Jackman didn’t see me.

I’ll always remember the famous historic district The Rocks , where we found small shops, great restaurants and magic view from the port. It’s really the place to be !

I went in the Fish Market to eat fish and meet people who love their products. It was beautiful and rewarding !

I have also eaten kangaroo meat, it was the aboriginal traditional meal, in Woolloomooloo, an old and rare district because it kept its name of aboriginal origin.

It was truly amazing !

With its original architecture the Sydney Opera is fascinating !


Sydney Opera House


Sydney Fish Market


Surf in Bondi Beach


The Darling Habour


The Woolloomooloo


The Rocks


The Rocks


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